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Hike Cross Fell from Blencarn

For visitors, Blencarn represents a key location at the foot of the Pennines. It is the starting point for one of the shortest circular routes, including Cross Fell. A mostly clear, grassy bridleway climbs from the quiet hamlet across Wildboar Scar all the way to Tees Head. From here, it joins the Pennine Way, heading north-west across the summit plateau. The descent follows the old corpse road, a historic path that once connected Garrigill on the eastern side of the Pennine escarpment. This ancient route led to its nearest consecrated burial ground in Kirkland, located in the scenic Eden Valley.

Breathtaking Beauty of the Pennines

Blencarn, nestled in the Eden District of Cumbria, captivates travellers with its blend of scenic beauty and historical intrigue. This charming and historically rich settlement in England lies at the majestic Pennines’ foot. The Pennines, renowned for their breathtaking landscapes, offer exceptional hiking opportunities.

The Evolution of Blencarn

The settlement’s history is woven into the fabric of the region’s maps and documents. The settlement first appeared as “Blenkerne” on Christopher Saxton’s 1579 map of Westmorland and Cumberland. It evolved to “Blenkern” on a 1760 map, and finally, it acquired its current name on Carry’s 1794 map of England, Scotland, and Wales. This evolution of its name reflects the area’s dynamic history and the changes it has undergone over the centuries.

Historical Town

Historically, Blencarn was a township in Kirkland parish, Cumberland, just 8Β½ miles southeast of Kirkoswald. It’s notable for a mineral spring and a Wesleyan Methodist chapel, adding to its quaint and historic charm. This delightful village boasts historical roots and natural beauty, making it a part of Culgaith Civil Parish. It is situated approximately 7Β½ miles east of Penrith and 7 miles north of Appleby-in-Westmorland. It embodies a tranquil, rural English setting, perfect for those exploring the English countryside steeped in history.

Blencarn offers a unique and rewarding experience, whether you’re interested in the rich history of the English countryside or seeking a scenic starting point for a hike across the Pennines. It’s also a perfect destination for those simply looking for a peaceful retreat.