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Historic Gateway to the Eden Valley

Armathwaite sits in the northern part of the Eden Valley. It serves as the last stop on the Settle to Carlisle Railway before the line reaches its northern terminus. Many stations along the line maintain their buildings in traditional style and colours, and Armathwaite is no exception. The Friends of the Settle to Carlisle Line restored the attractive, brightly painted signal box. This restoration took place in the early 1990s.

Exploring Armathwaite and Coombs Wood

Armathwaite village features two pubs and a shop. It is located near where the River Eden emerges from a wooded gorge. The valley here, unfortunately, remains inaccessible to the public. However, a lovely walk along the west bank of the River Eden and up into Coombs Wood offers a view into part of it.

Coombs Wood is the location of Vista, a captivating stone sculpture by Graeme Mitcheson. This piece is not only an artistic marvel but also serves a dual purpose as one of the 10 Eden Benchmark stone sculptures that double as functional seats. Nestled on the banks of the Eden, an array of earlier sculptures captures the eye. These include a set of faces, a salmon, and lines from Isaac Walton’s “The Compleat Angler,” all intricately carved into the red sandstone cliffs. Many believe that local scholar William Mounsey created these sculptures. Mounsey, known for his extensive walks along the Eden in the nineteenth century, left these artistic marks as a testament to his journey.