Arnside Knott

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Image Source: Vivienne Crow

Panoramic Views and Seasonal Beauty

Arnside Knott may stand at just 522ft (159m) above sea level, yet it boasts some of the finest views in south Cumbria. From its summit, one can gaze over Morecambe Bay, the Howgills, and parts of the extensive Pennine chain. Further away, beyond the Kent estuary, the towering fells of the Lake District stretch into the distance. Visit this limestone hill in the spring to witness the vibrant displays of wildflowers adorning its southern slopes. Later in the summer, the area becomes a habitat for rare butterflies, including the high brown fritillary and Scotch argus.  

Arnside Knott Above The Sands of Silverdal
Arnside Knott Above The Sands of Silverdale, Morecambe Bay

Exploring the Diverse Trails: From Arnside Village to the Knott

For a varied five-mile walk, begin in the village of Arnside and journey through the estuary, along low cliffs, and amidst beautiful native woods. Continue around Blackstone Point, culminating in your approach to the knott itself from Far Arnside. Standing at 159 meters (522 feet), this peak offers stunning vistas of the tidal sands, the Lake District, and beyond. Arnside Knott is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, characterised by its limestone pavements and grasslands. This area supports a rich diversity of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and wildflowers.


The return journey from Arnside Knott begins with a descent back towards the village, traversing fields and woodlands along the way. Subsequently, this path culminates in a rewarding promenade walk along the bay. While the walk is generally gentle, it is advisable to wear good walking shoes or hiking boots and to carry a lightweight, waterproof layer. Since the route is tide-dependent, having an appropriate map is recommended to navigate alternative routes if necessary. Overall, the Arnside Knott walk is a delightful experience for nature lovers and walking enthusiasts. Offering a blend of coastal beauty, wildlife spotting, and panoramic hilltop views.