Wet Sleddale

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Image Source: Vivienne Crow

In the eastern reaches of the Lake District fells, Wet Sleddale stands as a testament to the serene beauty of nature. This tranquil valley is easily accessible via the A6 south of Shap, welcoming visitors to explore its sprawling landscapes. A convenient car park adjacent to the reservoirβ€”constructed in the 1960sβ€”serves as the starting point for numerous trails leading into the vastness of the open fell.

The Quiet Splendor of the Valley

Unlike the bustling villages found in other parts of the Lake District, Wet Sleddale is characterised by its peacefulness, marked only by the occasional scattered farmsteads. The absence of urban noise and the presence of pristine natural surroundings offer a unique escape for those seeking solitude and a break from the hectic pace of modern life.

Sleddale Hall: A Cinematic Landmark

For cinema enthusiasts, Wet Sleddale holds a special place in British film history. Sleddale Hall, one of the valley’s farmsteads, gained fame as Crow Crag, the fictitious home of Uncle Monty in the cult classic “Withnail and I.” This black comedy, released in 1987 and starring Richard E Grant and Paul McGann, follows the misadventures of two unemployed actors from London seeking respite in the northern English hills.

Exploring Wet Sleddale Today

Today, Wet Sleddale invites adventurers and film fans alike to trace the steps of Withnail and I, offering a tangible connection to the film’s legacy amidst the natural splendour of the Lake District. The valley remains a timeless retreat, providing a canvas of rolling hills, open skies, and tranquil waters for all who wish to experience its unspoiled beauty.

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