Stanley Ghyll Waterfall

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Sublime Elegance Stanley Ghyll Force

Stanley Ghyll Force is a waterfall that enchants visitors with its graceful elegance. A lush, wooded gorge in Eskdale cradles it up high. Although it is not the longest or most powerful of Lakeland’s waterfalls, its 60-foot high cascade holds a captivating surprise as it suddenly appears at the top of this picturesque gill. This suddenness amplifies its visual impact.

A Pathway Through Nature

The path winds through towering trees and majestic ferns, immersing visitors in nature’s grandeur. As you venture beyond the last rocky section, you will see the fine ribbon of water emerge. Then gracefully plummeting over a lip of dark rock adorned with glistening mosses. Stanley Ghyll Waterfall is a true spectacle of natural beauty.

Stanley Ghyll Waterfall – Accessible Beauty

This enchanting waterfall, also known as Dalegarth Falls, is easily accessible. There are clear signposts from the well-maintained network of trails in Eskdale’s valley bottom. The tranquil River Esk flowing nearby further enhances the picturesque charm of the surroundings.

A Perfect Complement: Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway

Visitors have the opportunity to savour this breathtaking sight either before or after a delightful train ride on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway. An iconic heritage railway offering panoramic views and scenic delights.

A Blissful Escape

Stanley Ghyll Force and its scenic surroundings provide a blissful escape. Travellers can immerse themselves in the wonders of nature’s artistry and relish the peaceful ambience of Eskdale’s wooded paradise. Whether you seek solace amid the verdant tranquillity or a taste of adventure on the railway, this waterfall gem promises a memorable experience.

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