Sizergh Castle and Gardens

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Sizergh Castle

A Historic and Charming Destination in Cumbria

If you want to explore a historic and charming destination near Kendal in Cumbria, don’t miss out on Sizergh Castle and Garden. The Strickland family has made this impressive estate their home for over 750 years and still live there. The National Trust takes care of managing and maintaining the estate.

Sizergh Castle
Sizergh Castle

Exploring Sizergh Castle

The castle was built around the 14th-century and has been the subject of much historical debate around the tower’s purpose. However, it is now widely accepted that it was built as a Solar Tower, a symbol of status for wealthy landowners, rather than a Pele tower, which were designed to protect against raids by border reivers. As visitors explore the castle, they can appreciate some of the UK’s most exquisite Elizabethan carved overmantels, along with a collection of English and French furniture and family portraits.

Inside Sizergh Castle
Inside Sizergh Castle

Please note that accessing the Inlaid Chamber may prove impractical for less mobile visitors as there are four flights of stairs to negotiate. 

Childrens Scallop Trail

Upon entering the house, you will encounter a myriad of unique items reflecting the Strickland family’s eclectic taste. Boasting King James II’s blood, boomerangs, and spears, there is something for all to appreciate. However, for the keen observer, hidden in plain sight are scallop shells. These shells carry significant meaning as a symbol of the Catholic faith, which has played a crucial role in the family’s history for generations. Guests are encouraged to pick up a trail sheet for the children, allowing them to track down as many scallop shell examples as possible. This activity is both educational and enjoyable for the entire family.

Admiring the Gardens 

The gardens are the real highlight of the estate, boasting the National Trust’s largest limestone rock garden and housing part of the National Collection of Hardy Ferns. You shouldn’t miss exploring the enchanting wildflower and water gardens, as well as discovering the wetlands, woodlands, orchards, and wildlife that the gardens have to offer. A leisurely stroll through the gardens will always reveal something new to see.

Sizergh Castle Gardens
Sizergh Castle Gardens

Exploring the Estate on Foot: Three Walking Routes to Try

If you want to explore the estate on foot, you can take three well-known walking routes. The Ashbank visitor reception building provides a map that clearly marks these routes.

Wild Play Trail for the Children

Embark on a thrilling adventure into the lush woodland and challenge your courage and balance! Follow the wild play trail and conquer the climbing wall, balance beams, rope swing, and stepping-stones along the way. The National Trust skilled ranger team carefully crafted the natural play area, ensuring hours of fun for kids aged 3 and up. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in the great outdoors!

Sizergh Castle and Gardens - Wild Play Trail
Sizergh Castle and Gardens – Wild Play Trail

Visitor Services

Don’t forget to stop by the visitor services building in the car park for a bite to eat at the cafe or to browse the shop. 

Admission Prices

Prices for admission to the house and garden are £13.00 for adults, £6.50 for children, and £32.50 for families. Garden-only admission is £9 for adults, £4.50 for children, and £22.50 for families. 

Free entry to National Trust members. 


Plan your visit today and explore the rich history and beauty of The National Trusts Sizergh Castle and Garden.

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