Gummers How

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Gummers How Trip Point
Gummers How Summit

The perfect family-friendly walk

Gummers How, a picturesque hill in the South Lake District, offers a memorable walking experience for all ages. It is located on Windermere’s eastern shore and is renowned for its 360-degree breathtaking views and significant ecological value. This is a great training ground for keen little walkers. Our toddler, 2.5 years old, completed this in wellies with a few carries on the way down.

Toddler walking up Gummers How

Starting Point: Gummers How Car Park

Begin your adventure at the Gummers How Car Park on Fell Foot Brow Road. A gate from the car park leads to the well-signposted path to Gummer’s How.

Conservation Efforts

Discover the conservation work by Natural England through an informative board just beyond the gate. The area is under the Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Scheme to preserve its ecological richness.

Hardy Luing cattle
Hardy Luing cattle on the path – Gummers How

Unique Flora and Fauna

Witness the unique vegetation management aided by Hardy Luing cattle, a breed adapted for rugged terrains. These cattle, introduced to maintain the area’s shrub and flower habitat, are a cross between Highland and Shorthorn breeds.

The Path to the Summit of Gummers How

The initial 350-yard level path, lined with silver birch and mature larch trees, leads to a split. Follow the steeper southern slope for a more direct route to the summit. With our little one in tow, we kept going on the more gradual path rather than turning up the steeper slope.

Initial level path at the start of the walk up Gummers How
Initial level path at the start of the walk

Views and Attractions

Enjoy 360-degree views of the Southern Fells, Lake Windermere, and Morecambe Bay from the summit. The rock outcrop on top offers the best vistas along Lake Windermere, the longest lake in England.

The view of Lake Windermere and Southern Fells from Gummers How
The view of Lake Windermere and Southern Fells from Gummers How

Family-Friendly Adventure

This is a short walk ideal for an afternoon or morning walk. Gummer’s How is a family-friendly destination. With a free car park at the start, it’s a popular route for all.

Visitor Amenities

Occasionally, a coffee van named “A Word in Your Ear” serving Rinaldo’s Speciality coffee, can be found outside the car park. Reward your young ones with a hot chocolate at the end, perfect bribery material to get them up and down again.