Easedale Tarn

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Easedale Tarn
Easedale Tarn

There are dozens of high-level tarns scattered throughout the Lake District, beautiful pools usually occupying glacial hollows on the fellsides. They were given the name ‘tjorns’ – ‘little lakes’ or, literally, ‘teardrops’ – by the Scandinavian settlers who dominated these uplands 1,000 years ago.   Easedale Tarn is one of the most popular of these pools, sitting at the foot of steep, rocky fells to the north-west of Grasmere.

Start the walk to Easedale Tarn from Grasmere.

Grasmere serves as the starting point for the walk to Easedale Tarn. The journey begins on Easedale Road, a path leading out of the village and gradually ascending towards the scenic fells. This path is steeped in history and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

The Ascent and Sourmilk Gill

As walkers leave the village, they embark on a two-mile trek to Easedale Tarn. The journey is a steady climb, taking them through the dramatic scenery of Sourmilk Gill with its impressive waterfalls. This path offers a captivating glimpse of the area’s natural beauty. Enjoy the route as it winds its way up through the rugged terrain.

Historical Site: The Refreshments Hut

In the Victorian era, a refreshments hut stood beside Easedale Tarn. The hut was a testament to the area’s popularity among sightseers. Though it was demolished in the 1960s due to vandalism, remnants of this historical site, like a large boulder and foundation stones, still remain.

Easedale Tarn
Easedale Tarn

Easedale Tarn and Surrounding Fells

Upon reaching Easedale Tarn, visitors are greeted by the serene waters lying at the foot of steep, rocky falls. Notable fells include Helm Crag, Blea Rigg, and Tarn Crag. The tarn, a beautiful glacial pool, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

The Circuit of the Tarn and Alternative Routes

A complete circuit of Easedale Tarn is possible. The boggy terrain at the western end makes it less frequented. Instead, many choose to cross the stepping stones at the eastern end of the tarn and explore the valley of Far Easedale. Maps and walking guides available at Sam Read, a bookshop in Grasmere, can assist in planning these alternate routes.

Easedale and Wild Swimming

Wild swimming in the Lake District has seen a surge in popularity. Offering a refreshing and invigorating way to experience the area’s natural beauty. This activity is not only about swimming in stunning locations but also about connecting with nature, promoting mental well-being, and providing a sense of adventure. The clear, tranquil waters of the Lake District’s tarns and lakes offer a serene environment for swimmers to unwind and rejuvenate.

The ‘Ease into Easedale’ Experience with Swim the Lakes

“Ease into Easedale,” organised by Swim the Lakes, is a prime example of the appeal of wild swimming in the Lake District. This adventure combines the thrill of swimming in Easedale Tarn with a scenic walk through the fells, making it an ideal introduction to outdoor swimming in this spectacular region. It’s a blend of physical activity and natural immersion, providing a comprehensive experience of the Lake District’s unique landscape.

Through experiences like “Ease into Easedale,” wild swimming in the Lake District continues to grow in popularity. Offering a unique way to explore and appreciate the stunning natural landscape of the region.