Acorn Bank National Trust

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The Lily pond with the manor house in the background at Acorn Bank, Cumbria
Acorn Bank National Trust - by Annapurna-Mellor

A Stroll Through History and Horticulture

Located in the heart of Cumbria, Acorn Bank beckons with its tales of knights, culinary wonder gardens, orchards of delicious local apples. If you thought history was just about dusty books and silent halls, think again! Acorn Bank owned by the National Trust is where history shakes off its cobwebs and dances in the garden.

A Garden of Earthly Delights

Step through the 17th-century walls and find yourself in a herb garden that could make a chef weep with joy. You will find medicinal marvels to culinary classics. Venture further, and the larger walled garden unfolds, with orchards cradled by herbaceous beds. Explore the wildflower meadow followed by the more refined formal sunken garden, with its pond and great crested newts.

Visitors looking into the pond at Acorn Bank Garden, Cumbria, in August.
Acorn Bank National Trust by Paul Harris

An Orchard of Local Lore

Not just any orchard, mind you. We’re talking about over 100 varieties of local apples. These aren’t your supermarket fare; they’re the custodians of Cumbrian heritage, grown with care and served with pride in the National Trust tearoom. Fancy a taste of history? This is where you’ll find it, in the crunch of an apple.

Apple (Malus domestica) blossom in the orchard at Acorn Bank, Cumbria
Acorn Bank National Trust by Annapurna-Mellor

A Walk on the Wild Side

Beyond the garden walls, a world of woodland whimsy awaits. Follow the paths through the trees, let the Crowdundle Beck be your guide, and prepare to be wowed by nature’s show of snowdrops and daffodils come spring. And let’s not forget the Acorn Bank Mill and those intriguing gypsum mine remains. History and nature in harmony, just as they should be.

Knights, Apples, and Gypsum Mines: The Tale of Acorn Bank

Once a local haunt for the Knights Templar, this red sandstone beauty has stories etched into its very stones. From the Knights of St John to the 19th-century gypsum miners, every corner of Acorn Bank has a yarn to spin. And with 180 acres of park and woodland at your disposal, there’s plenty of space for those tales to take flight.

Tulips (Tulipa) in full bloom at Acorn Bank, Cumbria
Tulips (Tulipa) in full bloom at Acorn Bank, Cumbria by Annapurna-Mellor

Mark Your Calendars!

Ready for an adventure? Acorn Bank shuts for winter and reopens its gates in March every year. With gardens welcoming visitors from 10:30 to 17:00 and the same ihours for the car park and parkland, there’s a whole day of exploration at your fingertips.


Located in Temple Sowerby, Penrith, Cumbria (CA10 1SP)

Take a journey through time, nature, and the unexpected corners of Cumbria’s heritage at Acorn Bank. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or just searching for a nice day out, Acorn Bank National Trust is waiting! See you there!


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